ka reiskia isidegusi lempute TC

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ka reiskia isidegusi lempute TC vektra 97m 2l 100kw
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Traction Control System (TC) 3
The TC (Traction Control System) 3
prevents the driving wheels from spinning,
irresp ective of the road condition and tyre
The system m onitors the rotational sp eed
of all wheels. As soon as at lea st one
driving wheel sta rts to spin, the engine
output is reduced (the sound of the engine
cha ng es) and the spinning wheel is b ra ked.
This improves the vehicle's directional
control and d riving power, particularly on
snow and ic e as well as on wet or slippery
road s.
The TC is read y for operation as soon as
the ignition is switched on and the control
indicator v goes out.
When the TC comes into action, v flashes.
The vehicle is now in a critical situation; the
TC allows you to keep control of the vehicle
and reminds you to match your speed to
the roa d conditions.
Do not let this special safety feature
tempt you into taking risks when driving.
Tra ffic safety can only b e ac hieved by
adopting a responsible d riving style.
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2014-05-03 20:16
Control indica tor v
Lights up for a few sec onds when ig nition is
switched on. The system is now ready for
opera tion.
Flashing during driving
This shows the system has com e into
action. The engine output may be reduced
(the sound of the engine cha nges) a nd the
vehic le ma y be braked ly to a
small degree.
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2014-05-03 20:16
Lit during driving
Fault in TC system. Vehicle can continue to
be driven. Driving stability may be worse if
driving style is not ada pted, d epend ing on
acceleration and type of road surfac e
because of drive w heel spinning.
Have the ca use of the fault rem edied. We
recommend that you consult your Vauxhall
Ap proved Repairer. The system ’s
integrated self-diag nos
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