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START OFFROAD 2024 y Trailer house
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START OFFROAD 2024 y Trailer house
START OFFROAD 2024 y Trailer house
START OFFROAD 2024 y Trailer house
START OFFROAD 2024 y Trailer house
START OFFROAD 2024 y Trailer house
11 000 €

START OFFROAD 2024 y Trailer house

11 000 €
Export: 11 000 €
+371 292 55375
Trailer house
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A practical model both for asphalt and off-road use.

Weight: 450 kg
Load capacity: 750 kg
Sleeps: 2 + 1 child
Measurements: 3650 m long, 1920 heigh, 1520 wide

The main components of the teardrop trailer, which are necessary for safe use are produced by the German manufacturer AL-KO and comply with ISO 9001. The chassis is based on an independent axle of AL-KO with a load of 750 kg. The lighting equipment is mounted from the Polish manufacturer FRISTOM and complies with ISO 9001. The frame is manufactured of galvanized sheet metal, and the construction has high stiffness but light weight. The weight of this tiny explorer is only 450kg, which has low impact on your vehicle's fuel consumption.

This teardrop trailer can be used not only in summer, but also in late autumn, when the temperature already drops below zero, as it is manufactured of sandwich panels with a thickness of 32 mm and the face sides have 1.2 mm thick plastic. The peculiarity of such combination of materials is a high coefficient of stiffness and density, ease, environmental friendliness and durability. These panels are not afraid of external factors and temperature differential, so the camper is thermally efficient: cool in summer and warm in winter. Also, humidity control and temperature balance were taken into account.

The “Start Off-road” camper is equipped with a spacious sleeping place 2 meters long, enough for 2 adults and a child. The mattress is 80 mm thick. A kitchen has a gas cooker, a large cupboard for cooking equipment and storage for personal belongings as well as removable table.

This tiny trailer is equipped with clear (30 L) and waste (10 L) water tanks, as well as a camp shower.

On the left side of the camper there is a 220 V socket. LED lighting and 12 V sockets are on hand on each compartment of the camper.

There is a ventilation hatch in the ceiling and additional ventilation on the side. The side window also can be opened. The door, window and hatch all have mosquito nets.

Possible to add marquise and to put roof tent on the top. It wil increase number of sleeping places to 4.

All models have a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Price doesn’t include VAT, as a company trades for export.

P.S. Contact us to do rent business together. Return of investment within 2 seasons or 1 year.


11 000 €
Export price: 11 000 €

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+371 292 55375
Ryga, Latvia
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