Oil change treatment of vacuum pump

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Oil change treatment of vacuum pump

Because chemical or pharmaceutical related process gas will contain flammable, explosive and corrosive gases to varying degrees, and because of this, dry vacuum pump also needs special treatment for us. For the internal structure of dry screw vacuum pump is simple, two rotors and pump cavity should also be treated with anti-corrosion measures. At this time, nickel phosphorus coating and Teflon coating should be selected.

Claw vacuum pump is more difficult to do anti-corrosion treatment, there is almost no way to do surface treatment between all levels of diaphragms, so the anti-corrosion coating on the rotor surface is easier to be assembled without damage. Oil free vortex vacuum pump is only suitable for pumping clean gas, at this time, it is not allowed to pump flammable, explosive and corrosive gas.

When it comes to oil change of vacuum pump equipment, we should pay attention to oil change once after three to half a year's continuous operation. In areas with high humidity, pumps working in wet seasons, or pumps polluted by pumped gas, in this case, we should pay attention to shortening oil change time according to specific conditions to a large extent. Between.

When changing oil for vacuum pump equipment, first remove the vacuum system of the pump, and then pad one end of the chassis motor higher, open the drain plug to drain oil, rotate the vacuum pump, cover the exhaust port, so that all the dirty oil in the cavity is discharged from the drain port, and then add 100-500ml of new oil from the intake port to continuously rotate for more than 5-10 revolutions to clean the interior. Follow this operation 3-5 Second, after the special dirty oil is drained, install the drain plug, level the pump, add new oil from the air inlet and the oil filling hole respectively, and the oil change is completed.

When the vacuum pump equipment is changing oil, it is not suitable to start the motor for a long time, which will make the exhaust valve plate jump too violently and fatigue; when changing oil of vacuum pump equipment, it is also prohibited to clean the pump with kerosene, gasoline, alcohol and other non disassembly methods; if the pump stops for a long time, it is necessary to take off the exhaust hood and put on the exhaust plug, close the air inlet and drain the accumulated water.

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